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5 Ways to Manage Busy Locations with Less Staff

5 Ways to Manage Busy Locations with Less Staff

We all know a customer's biggest pain point is waiting in long lines. And while you cannot always control how long your lines get, you can be sure that the customers waiting are happy and have a great experience. 

The process of waiting in line is divided up into three stages by the customer.

  • Pre-process Stage, where they are waiting to make their order
  • In-process Stage, where they are making and paying for their order
  • Post-process Stage, where they are waiting for their order to be prepared.
Which stage of waiting in line has the most impact on the customer experience?  You guessed it, the pre-processing stage.  The longer a customer waits in line to place their order, the more unhappy they will be. We've identified the 5 ways you can better manage long lines and reduce the customer wait time to ensure long lines are the last thing you need to worry about.  


play_icon_dtiq 1. Incorporate order confirmation display


Incorporating an order confirmation display will help reduce mistakes by putting the transaction details in a clear view of both the cashier and the customer. It's also great practice for cashiers to confirm the order by repeating it back to the customer. Reducing the number of mistakes made will help improve your speed of service for customers and will keep hold-ups due to correcting orders at a minimum. 


play_icon_dtiq 2. Find inefficiencies or bottlenecks


Let an auditing solution like DTiQ's SmartAudit™ Services identify drags to your business. Or use your transaction data to easily identify peak sales times and adjust staff coverage.  Even dig into peak sales by product and daypart to create daily food prep plans that ensure top sellers are prepped ahead of time, which means a faster speed of service.  


play_icon_dtiq 3. Have a separate drive-thru line or counter for mobile pick-up orders


If there is a separate counter for mobile pick-up orders, employees can quickly deliver these orders via a pass-thru kiosk. Additionally, for those who are short-staffed, employees will be able to leave the order with the customer's name on it at the pick-up station, so employees can use that time they would’ve spent waiting for the customer doing other tasks.


play_icon_dtiq 4. Daypart your digital menu boards in the drive-thru

drive_thru_lineWith a digital board, you're able to have the flexibility to highlight meals that customers may be more inclined to purchase at that time of day. Presenting them with tailored options will decrease customer decision time and will encourage faster drive-thru lines.


play_icon_dtiq 5. Identify the weak spots of your training protocols


A strong foundation is needed to have strong service. Identifying the areas that employees may be lacking knowledge will help improve your employee’s ability to better perform in their roles. DTiQ will intelligently analyze video and send SmartAudit reports that will identify the areas your employees are lacking in.


Identifying the areas where employees may be lacking knowledge will help improve their ability to better perform in their roles. DTiQ's expert auditors will analyze hundreds of hours of video and send SmartAudit™ reports that will score all areas which will show you exactly where performance is on-point and where it's needing improvement.


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