Cloud-based vs Traditional in-store Surveillance

Cloud-based vs Traditional in-store Surveillance

Since the first commercial CCTV back in the 1940s, technology has moved on in unthinkable leaps and bounds into today’s AI driven, cloud-based solutions – not even comparable with the product formally known as CCTV.

Today, it’s easy to get lost in the so-called “megapixel war” which is often seen as the huge advancement in camera technology. In fact, choosing an appropriate camera set and moving your solution to the cloud is the smartest and biggest advancement you can do today rather than investing in endless megapixels.

Traditional “in-store” technology


Today, a majority of camera systems are not smart systems, usually placed on the back of a shelf in an office recording video 27/4 onto a hard drive, only ever being used when something notable happens.  Great but how can you manage your business with it? How can you be sure it’s working consistently with all cameras recording?

Moreover, if you want to manage your store remotely you need a cumbersome native application and have to sift through hours of uneventful video, not to mention opening ports on your firewall which is a high risk of these days.
Then the unthinkable happens - a break-in or theft.  Any astute robber will know to snatch the NVR (causing unthinkable chaos in your office to all systems), while leaving you with nothing tangible for the police. Your NVR is gone, or indeed your HDD is damaged, and your surveillance investment offered no irrefutable evidence to safeguard against future incidents.  


Cloud-Based Technology


There is no doubt the future is cloud-based. Even today, a majority of the world’s infrastructure is cloud-based and many solutions will have a cloud-based front end. But why isn’t a majority of video stored in the cloud?

There are a few core reasons - firstly, the cost can be prohibitive especially if you are trying to push 8MP video from multiple cameras non-stop. Secondly the need for super high-speed upload from your internet ISP to push all those terabytes of data to the cloud. It doesn’t stop there though when you want to watch the video you need to pull those terabytes back to your mobile device.


What is the solution?


DTiQ's solution is cloud-based and uses a blended approach of not only storing video locally on a dedicated server but also storing critical camera views in the cloud (Off-Site Storage). This hybrid approach has multiple applications, from optimizing video storage to adding an extra layer of security for your teams. Ultimately it gives you peace of mind knowing if the worst were to occur, you have a backup in the cloud.

Furthermore, thanks to the cloud-based solution we monitor your system, camera streams, and overall health 24/7/365 through an advanced monitoring solution. This allows us to provide proactive notifications and work quickly to resolve any issues.


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