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Cultivating Customer Success: A Q&A with DTiQ's Customer Success Team on how they help every customer increase profits

Cultivating Customer Success: A Q&A with DTiQ's Customer Success Team on how they help every customer increase profits

DTiQ_blog_video_chatWhen our customers are successful, we are successful, which is why we have a team dedicated to helping customers use every facet of our solution to its full potential. Our Customer Success team works with our customers daily to make sure they are getting the most out of their DTiQ experience by

  • Onboarding and training employees to use DTiQ
  • Educating and updating on new features
  • Providing tips and tricks to help better manage their locations
  • Troubleshooting any issues they may have
  • Understanding their business challenges and how DTiQ can address them

We sat down with some Customer Success Team members to learn more about their experience and how they each approach helping DTiQ customersgradient_bar

Q: What’s the most creative way you’ve helped a DTiQ customer?

user_icon_rpI created a custom report to show an operator which employee made the least mistakes when ringing in items. We then talked with that employee and created a cheat sheet to provide employees with tips and tricks to ensure orders are rung-in accurately. This quickly increased customer satisfaction through fewer mistakes on orders and Speed of Service through fewer revisions.

user_icon_mmI reached out to a customer to set up a re-training and introduction session. Once the customer saw what we had to offer on The 360iQ Platform, he told us that he recently purchased 30 C-stores and would like to put them on 360iQ as well. So it was all about reaching out to the customer, keeping them engaged, and showing them what DTiQ can offer to solve their business challenges.

user_icon_rcI have been able to help customers right from my cell phone. Especially while on PTO, holidays, or weekends, when customers are most busy and need support, I can help. Thanks to the DTiQ mobile app, I have access to all the 360iQ features as long as I have my phone. I can access the platform and my customer’s information in a pinch.gradient_bar

Q: On average, how many users are you helping find success with DTiQ each month?

user_icon_rp100’s. No question or issue is too small; we pride ourselves on being 'on-call' to help out with any user’s question.

user_icon_mm25-40. Right now, a portion of my focus is helping our customers transition from our MyDTT platform to our newer and more intuitive 360iQ video management platform and customize their training during the switch.

user_icon_rcOn average, 40 training sessions, but I answer countless emails/calls from our customers every month along with those new customer training sessions.gradient_bar

Q: Tell us the most common issues customers need help with and how you solve them.

user_icon_rpOne of the most common issues is how much time processes like sharing, saving, and looking through video take out of their daily routine. I help them by walking through the features of DTiQ that remove the manual work from their routine. Like how they can use SmartAudit™ Services to receive reports measuring the metrics and team member behaviors that are important to them, or by submitting a RISA+ request to be able to quickly access, share, and save any historical video footage.

user_icon_mmThe most common issues that our customers need help with are accessing historical video and updating user accounts in the system. I schedule a Zoom Meeting with them and walk them through the straightforward steps of trying to view historical video. New users can send me the changes they want in the system, and I update their accounts.

user_icon_rcThey often struggle with theft, site navigation, or reporting. I try to use my restaurant experience and my ability to communicate effectively to drill down to what the client is looking for and then take the appropriate steps to a resolution, like setting up a zoom meeting to walk them through the information.gradient_bar

Q: Talk to us about the 360iQ by DTiQ Mobile App - can it really do as much as the web portal?

user_icon_rpThe 360iQ mobile app can do everything the 360iQ web app can do outside of creating a video archive, RISA, or RISA + event. Most of our users prefer to use their mobile devices as they are constantly traveling between their business locations and need to have their operations in the palm of their hands.

user_icon_mmThe 360iQ mobile app can do about 99% of the functions that the web portal can do. The only difference is that you cannot do a RISA/RISA+ request from the mobile app. The 360iQ DTiQ mobile app provides all the functionality from your mobile device - apple or android, which our customers love - with the same look and feel like the web portal.

user_icon_rcEverything except RISA (Remote Incident Storage Archive). It does so much that I can literally do my job from the mobile app, and so can our customers!gradient_bar

Q: What’s the one offering DTiQ has that surprises new customers the most?

user_icon_rpUnlimited cloud video storage at no additional cost or remote audits at such an affordable price.

user_icon_mmThe one offering DTiQ has that surprises new customers the most is our SmartAudit™ Services. They are another set of eyes on their business, as they can't be at multiple locations 24/7. It's like a report card for their locations that keep the owner/manager aware of what is going on in their businesses. I’m also partial to our SmartAudit™ Services, as I used them when I did Manager Reviews in my previous position as a District Manager.

user_icon_rcI think most clients are impressed with the RISA (Remote Incident Storage Archive) functionality. They also seem to be impressed by our near real-time alerts & reporting capabilities.gradient_bar

Q: In your own words, what is the purpose of customer success?

user_icon_rpCustomer Success is the process of anticipating our customers’ needs or challenges and proactively providing solutions. Customer success ensures our customers are comfortable using our solutions.

user_icon_mmThe purpose of Customer Success is to ensure that the end-users of our system are fully trained, supported, and kept aware of new enhancements to DTiQ. The Customer Success Team handles all customer requests, training sessions, and even supports DTiQ personnel with anticipating how potential new customer pain points could be solved.

user_icon_rcWe are the concierge between our company and theirs. We wear many hats and need to be critical thinkers to resolve concerns for our clients.gradient_bar

Q: If you could share one piece of advice for surveillance and data management - what would it be?

user_icon_rpSpend time on a call with our Customer Success Team. Our Customer Success Team aims to help operators navigate the ocean of data, evolve with challenging times, and leverage DTiQ to increase business acumen. This results in a confident operator on a video and data-based solution like DTiQ that provides the ability to manage geographical distances, time constraints, and competing priorities.

user_icon_mmI don't think a company should put surveillance and data management on the back burner. If you are an engaged owner and use the systems to their potential, working with a reputable and large company like DTiQ will pay dividends in your business.

user_icon_rcAppropriately using 360iQ will enhance your operations. Put the time in for you and your teams to learn the system and then follow up daily to change the behaviors of your team to benefit your business.gradient_bar

Q: What is your favorite thing about being a part of the Customer Success team?

user_icon_rpHelping solve our customers’ most difficult problems and improving their business.

user_icon_mmI am surrounded by some of the best and smartest people out there, who have given me 110% of their time and support to make me a part of a very successful, knowledgeable, and supportive Customer Success Team. Having been in the industry for nearly 30 years and knowing what it takes to run multiple businesses today, I enjoy helping people and knowing that a customer's issue was resolved by my direct support, making their day easier!

user_icon_rcI am constantly learning new pieces of our industry. I enjoy being able to use my experiences to help my clients. I also enjoy the ability to learn different parts of other DTiQ solutions that aren't necessarily part of my role so I can help my clients and team excel.


We are so grateful for our Customer Success Team and the work they do to support our new and loyal customers.  Learn more from our sales or customer success team, about how DTiQ can help you, by clicking below.  


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