Every COVID-19 Restriction By State and How To Manage Through Them

Every COVID-19 Restriction By State and How To Manage Through Them

We're all feeling a bit 'shook up' as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and how quickly and drastically our lives have changed. From entertainment, education, and vacations to the way businesses operate, nothing is quite the same.

With a few key resources, ongoing communication, and some 'me' time we can all manage through the changing priorities to keep our teams, our customers, and our families happy and safe.

Check out this interactive state map, courtesy of KFF that shows which states adopted particular safety categories, and a list of the current category details by state here

Business closures, school closures, PPE requirements and restrictions on gatherings



 Sheltering order, employee health screenings, other unique mandates


 Quarantine after travel or COVID-related curfew within certain counties or cities.



With safety precautions varying by state and personal safety concerns of your employees and customers running the gamut, how do you manage your business to satisfy everyone's needs?

Your State:

  • Stay up to date on your local requirements through each 'state'.gov website

                            ○ Retail Restrictions by state - available to the public for a limited time from NRF

                            ○ Restaurant Restrictions by state - for RLPSA members only

  • Be smart about how to prepare and when to react
  • Keep your team up to date… see our next topic!

35+ Years Old - Eating out and shopping at local businesses as much as they can while following local regulations, viewing this as temporary shift

Under 35 Years Old -Selectively choosing what they do and where they go, may re-evaluate their lives & priorities as a result

Higher Income -More stable, feels thankful, focused on family & DIY

Lower Income - Struggling between staying healthy & safe or securing their livelihood

While it's hard to create experiences that satisfy all of the schools of thought shown above, understanding the general mindsets out there will help you empathize with your customers and employees appropriately while making critical business decisions.

Your Employees:

  • Understand their struggles, listen, and offer support however you can.
  • Drive team morale and show appreciation by recognizing their loyalty and commitment.
  • Be as open as you can and share how you anticipate your business to continue to adapt.
  • Involve your team when possible on planning for changes or reacting to challenges.

Your Customers:

  • Realize that you may not be able to please every customer during this unprecedented time.
  • Communicate with customers, both in-store and online, about your efforts to make them comfortable and safe.
  • Use Social Media!  It is the new word of mouth and your customers will look to fellow locals for info on openings, closures, experiences, and more.
  • While some loyal customers may take a break from frequenting your locations, visiting their favorite familiar places will be first on their list when they do start eating out again.

Finally, don’t forget about YOU!  Doing small things each day like getting outside for a quick break, sticking to a defined work schedule, and reaching out to your peers and communities are important to maintaining socialization and a healthy work-life balance.

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