How To Keep Your Team Performing Better

How To Keep Your Team Performing Better

Of course, we all hope the employee shortage crisis ends sooner rather than later.  To keep you operating at peak efficiency right now, here are key ways to work smarter with fewer resources.


Are you able to determine who your greatest shift performers are?

If you can - great.  Be sure you're asking yourself questions like: 

  • Which employees should be on the best, most profitable shifts? 
  • Who are your slowest team members?
  • Am I scheduling the slowest team members during the busiest times?
  • Which employees have the most transactional errors?

If you can't, our video and transaction management platform - 360iQ by DTiQ (which can be used with your current equipment) can give you the data you need to help determine answers to these questions and more.


Are you staffing around your peak and slow periods accurately?

In other words, do you have the right labor scheduled for the right times?  Shaving half an hour here and there can add up to big savings of labor cost or allow you to shift more staff to cover the busier dayparts. 

  • Are too many team members working the quiet times?  
  • Am I consistently understaffed during peak periods?
  • Do I need to amp up my food prep staff before the lunch and dinner rush to improve the speed of service? 
  • Are certain days of the week slower than others? 
  • What is my traffic to sales ratio - are there missed conversion opportunities?

DTiQ’s 360iQ analytics gives you the data you need to fine-tune your scheduling that will ensure you use the labor you have more efficiently and maximize revenue.


Are you setting up your team for success?

Adjusting staff by skill-set and performance not only sets your business up for success, but it also ensures your employees are working when and where they're most productive, which boosts morale. 

DTiQ gives you the data you need to easily identify top performer statistics that other employees should exhibit. 

There is no time more crucial to keep your employee turnover as minimal as possible. The Center for Hospitality Research – Cornell says the average cost impact of employee turnover is $5,864, and that is just for one employee. But these costs have a much deeper impact. Think about the following areas of impact as well…

  •  Loss of Institutional Knowledge 
  • Loss of Morale 
  • Lack of Managerial Focus 

Retaining employees right now is more important now than ever. We can't promise that the shortage will end soon, but we can promise that we will help you get through it. With DTiQ, you can use your data to optimize staffing by daypart and performance which is a sure-fire way to boost productivity and keep your operations and your team running smoothly.  

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