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How to up your Preventive Safety During the Holiday Season

How to up your Preventive Safety During the Holiday Season

With lots of people out shopping for the holidays, places can be crowded.  And when you're swept up in the holiday hustle & bustle, it's easy to forget to pay attention to important things like safety.

We at DTiQ want you to have a happy and healthy holiday season so let's review the following safety tips:

Arriving & Leaving

Park your car in a well-lit, secure area

parking_garageParking your car in a safe area will help you find it when you are returning from shopping but will also ensure that you can feel safe while exiting the store. Something is less likely to happen if you are in a place where people can see you and it would be obvious if you were in danger.gradient_bar

Be aware of your surroundings, especially when exiting your car or entering the store

busy_shoppersIt’s always good to be aware of what is going on around you, especially when times are busy and there’s a lot of people. People tend to be most unsuspecting when they are entering and exiting a store because that is usually when they are on their phones and less likely paying attention to what is going on around them. Staying alert, especially when you are entering or exiting, will help you be able to take swift action if you needed it.gradient_bar

Avoid darkened hallways/routes when leaving the store

dark_hallwayTry to walk in lighter places so you feel comfortable and you are always in sight. Crimes are less likely to happen in areas that are harder to hide in, like bright places. If you do find yourself walking in darkened areas, be sure to be aware of your surroundings.gradient_bar

Leave with others when possible so you are not alone

group_leaving_workPower comes in numbers, try to leave with a group to make sure you have people around you. Staying with a group of people can help you feel more comfortable because if someone is outnumbered, chances are they will not come up and try to start trouble.gradient_bar

Ask for a security escort if you feel uncomfortable

security_helpSome stores will have security guards who are more than willing to escort you out if you don’t want to walk by yourself. Security guards are trained to help keep everyone in the store safe. If you feel more comfortable having someone walk with you, a security guard is a great person to ask.gradient_bar

Keep your keys in your hands when approaching your car

holding_keysDon’t spend time looking for your keys, especially if you are alone. When you’re looking for your keys, your attention is now taken off of your surroundings, making you a perfect target-- especially if you are looking down. Having your keys ready will allow you to keep your attention on your surroundings and also gives you less time where you are in unprotected space.gradient_bar

Lock your car door immediately after getting in or out

locking_carMaking sure to lock your doors when you get in and out of your car ensures your safety as you are driving or sitting in the parking lot. It is very easy for someone to spot an unexpecting person in their car and go and open the doors if they are unlockedgradient_bar

While the Store is Open:

Keep stock room doors closed

stock_roomMake sure to protect your product by checking that your doors are closed! A stock toom that is unattended and unlocked is a perfect target for someone looking to steal products quickly. Your stock room holds lots of potential profit and money, treat it as you would treat your safe. Keep it locked and monitored so you can make sure everything is protected and accounted for.gradient_bar

Keep selling floor and fitting rooms clean

cleaning_floorEspecially with COVID-19, keeping your sanitization protocols up to date is imperative and will help improve your customers’ experience. Cleaning your areas will help keep you, your employees, and your customers safe. As people are returning to normal activities, it’s important that we keep up our sanitization protocols so we keep sickness down. Additionally, some people may still be hesitant to trust public places so keeping your areas clean will help earn their trust and business.gradient_bar

Keep the safe closed and locked unless it is in use

locking_safeYour safe has some of the most important items in there. Be sure to always have it locked so you can eliminate the chances of something being taken out of there. You can always have a system like DTiQ that can give you live video footage of your safe so you can monitor it 24/7.gradient_bar

Post emergency numbers for security and the police close to the phone

emergency_numbersMake sure everybody knows the best number to contact in what situation. If something happens, and you need help quickly, having the numbers ready will help save you time. Making sure everybody is aware of the resources they have will help them mitigate and situation as quickly and calmly as possible.gradient_bar

Connect with other merchants in your area so you can be aware of any unusual activity


Being in the loop with your neighbors can help prevent further unusual activity at stores! Having people alert you when something happened to them allows you to take the proper precautions at your store. This also is a great opportunity to connect with fellow store owners to talk about tips, tricks, and advice for better business operations.gradient_barRemember: Being alert is crucial, especially when things get busy. Protecting yourself and your store is imperative. Always remember to be aware of your surroundings and to continue to follow your safety protocols to prevent bad things from happening.

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