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Identifying Common Shoplifting Behaviors

Identifying Common Shoplifting Behaviors

46% of all Shoplifting activity happens during the winter and 81% of that happens during the holiday season, so it is important your teams are aware of the key behaviors potential shoplifters may exhibit when trying to steal from the store. After analyzing historical footage from DTiQ Customers’ systems, here are the behaviors we commonly see potential shoplifters exhibiting:

Potential Shoplifting Behaviors

  •         Looking around for associates but never asking for help
  •         “Hiding” behind fixtures
  •         Asking employees to look in the stockroom or back room, even several times
  •         Lack of interest in the items they’re browsing

So, you want to prevent shoplifting and reduce shrink?

Well, besides having comprehensive management and video system like DTiQ, here are other actions you can take:


What to do:

Greet and welcome every customer into the store

welcoming_customersSay 'Hi' to your customers when they walk in! Let them know that you are there to help. It’s also a great opportunity to promote any sales you may be having or ask them specifically what they're shopping for. Creating an environment that is always friendly and helpful will lead to less shoplifting and better relationships with your customersgradient_bar

Ask a few questions - how are they, can you help, what are they shopping for

helping_custonerGetting to know your customers will make them feel appreciated and help you better understand what they are looking for and how you can provide a better customer experience. Providing a great customer experience not only helps your store stay safe, but will keep customers coming back for more!gradient_bar

Check back in with them - you’ll be surprised how often people without questions, have questions a few minutes later

help_customer_clothesChecking in with your customers may help make their shopping experience smoother and more enjoyable. If customers are struggling, they will appreciate receiving your help! It also allows for another opportunity to cross-sell or recommend different products to your customers.gradient_bar

And when suspicious of engaging a shoplifter use your recovery statements


Using recovery statements like "Hi, I really do think those <INSERT PRODUCT HERE> will look great on you! Let me show you to the change room so you can try them on” can help distract the customer from concealing the product and you can keep the item in check and under your watch.gradient_bar

Remember, these are behaviors to look for that may help you identify a shoplifter.  They are never a reason to accuse someone of stealing.  And in the end, interacting with our Guests/Customers/Clients not only helps reduce shoplifting - but also increases sales.

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