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Cultivating Customer Success: A Q&A with DTiQ's Customer Success Team on how they help every customer increase profits

When our customers are successful, we are successful, which is why we have a team dedicated to helping customers use every facet…

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Easy ways to prevent loyalty program losses

A study from Forbes found loyal customers spend on average 31% more and are 50% more likely to try new products. What store…

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Best Practices for Cash Handling

With the influx of shoppers around the holiday season, the amount of cash being handled by stores will increase dramatically. As…

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5 Ways to Manage Busy Locations with Less Staff

We all know a customer's biggest pain point is waiting in long lines. And while you cannot always control how long your lines…

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How To Keep Your Team Performing Better

Of course, we all hope the employee shortage crisis ends sooner rather than later.  To keep you operating at peak efficiency…

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8 Ways DTiQ Defeated Theft and Fraud for Our Customers

Year after year, restaurants find themselves as victims of theft and fraud. Here at DTiQ, we offer a comprehensive solution that…

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