The 3 Great Things About Using Hardware as a Service

The 3 Great Things About Using Hardware as a Service

Running a business is hard -- getting the latest hardware infrastructure to help make your business run better shouldn’t have to be. With technology changing quickly and businesses constantly facing new challenges, subscribing to hardware is an easy, low-risk way to get the most up to date tools for your business



Low Up Front Costs

Low Up Front Costs mean you can get the best hardware for less. And because you're getting the best on a monthly program, there is less risk and a set, predictable monthly budget. When a location closes you can return the hardware or transfer it to another location.

Upgrades, Maintenance and Support

Upgrades, Maintenance and Support are always included, to be sure every piece of hardware in your haas subscription is up to date and functioning properly. And because your hardware package is usually linked to additional services most providers work with you to upgrade your hardware to ensure optimum performance.






Scalability allows you to adjust hardware packages by location and easily upgrade, add to or edit your configuration across your locations. Want to add more 360° cameras? Want to add on a PVM at a high shrink location? Adding additional POS terminals and need an upgraded switch or server? HaaS gives you the ability to do all this and more.

DTiQ HaaS options include:

  • Audio Kits
  • Cameras
  • Power Supply
  • Servers
  • Switches

All for one low monthly payment



Get started seeing real business savings fast, for about the price of your monthly internet bill!

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