The 3 Things Our Most Active Users do in 360iQ

The 3 Things Our Most Active Users do in 360iQ

We're all searching for ways to be more productive, proven by the fact that 'how-to' is now one of the most popular google search terms.

We consulted our data to pinpoint the areas our users find help them the most. Read on for each area and a few tips on what to do while you're there.

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View video across all locations
Review their Video
  • Spot-check under performing location's current or past activities
  • Review standards compliance at a glance across multiple locations like dining room cleanliness, front entrance displays or lingering in backrooms/offices
  • Check-in on lines and during peak hours
read over custom reports
Read Over Transaction Reports
  • Follow up on the most suspicious transactions to find issues like misuse of discounts, gaming speed of service
  • Watch corresponding video of any transaction to see what was happening
  • Save & share video snippets with managers & teams for quick follow-up
View live sales


Check Out Live Sales
  • At a glance, know if sales at each location are up or down to previous period
  • See which locations have suspicious activity right now
  • Track customer count at every location
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