Your Secret Weapon to Gaining Customer Loyalty During a Pandemic

Your Secret Weapon to Gaining Customer Loyalty During a Pandemic


As the definition suggests it is 'to be strong and active' or 'to have the capacity for survival'… and vitality during a pandemic, for restaurants and retailers, means assuring your customers that your goal is to help keep them strong and active, and able to survive right now.

Owners and operators across the world are simply worried about keeping the lights on while meeting the COVID-19 safety precautions to avoid fines. The answer? To quote a US business editor for the Economist

“This is the time to take the risks. The cost of failure is lower”. In his recent interview with, the risks Vaitheeswaran is talking about aren't new menu items but innovations to your locations' infrastructure to stay vital to consumers.


So what is that secret weapon?

Your cameras.

Put your surveillance to work for you -

Eliminate surprises during corporate or state inspections with a consistent audit of performance. Its easier and more affordable than you think - a little less than $1 per day with DTiQ - to monitor and even measure locations' compliance to every COVID-19 safety policy, state curfew or mandated operating restriction.

Offer peace of mind

This is the secret to staying vital during a crisis - communicate that you have the required measures in place. And going the extra step to monitor them regularly, through the services of an unbiased third party adds a layer of trust and confidence your customers and partners are looking for right now.

Foster a high-performing, safe team

Consistency in communicating your expectations is key, as some have noted the US is suffering from COVID Fatigue. That doesn’t mean that preventive safety precautions can go out the window. Random and spontaneous audits offer you visibility into operations when you're not there. They also make it easy for managers to hold your teams accountable through an open-dialogue, coaching approach.

Take the risk to reap the rewards. Pivot and find a new way of working. Shake-up your teams with a new-found focus on safety. And most importantly - show your customers you're doing all you can to keep them safe.

Implementing an auditing program now makes your operations vital to customers today and improves their experience for the long term.

DTiQ can get you started with SmartAudit™ Services in as little as one week, for as little as $1 per day.

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